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How does it work booking a Photographer in the UK to shoot a wedding in another country?

First things first...

If you book me as your Wedding Photographer abroad, that’s all you need to do! The finer details are left to me and there is no stress or unnecessary planning required from you.


Destination prices vary depending on location. This is because I always research flights and accommodation before quoting you to ensure my travel is covered but most importantly, that you don’t pay more than is required. All Day coverage starts at £2000 and travel is charged on top.


I will always book a flight that lands at the destination two days before the wedding to ensure I allow for any delays or cancellations out of my control. Unless you specifically book me accommodation and transport at your request, I will arrange all of this myself and keep you informed throughout the booking process.

Benefits of booking a UK based photographer for your Destination Wedding

There are pros and cons to booking both Destination or local photographers when getting married abroad. I won’t go into a huge amount of detail here as there are plenty of brilliant blogs that talk about it.

  • Before making any decision, make sure you research in detail the packages you are offered with a venue that comes with a photographer. Sometimes these only include a couple of hours photography and to get your whole day captured, it’s a lot more money that you’d expect. Also, make sure you have a portfolio of the photographer who’s part of the package as this may not be the style of photography you are after at all. You don’t want to find this out after receiving your images.

  • Not having a language barrier is helpful for communication about your wedding photos and feeling at ease on the day. You only get one chance to capture your wedding and by having a local photographer, you risk important details getting lost in translation.

  • The above being said, local photographers will have expert knowledge of the local area and this is definitely a pro when it comes to booking a Photographer in the country you’re getting married.

  • As a Wedding Photographer, I will always research the area I am heading to for a Destination wedding far in advance and ensure I am fully equipped before the day.

  • If you and your Photographer are both UK based, this means you can meet in person prior to the trip and also book in a pre wedding shoot. I offer these to all my couples at a discount because I believe it’s such an integral part of building the photographer/client relationship and breaking camera ice before the big day.